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                Search After-sale support 400-1810-880

                VMC800L Vertical Machining Center (Rail)

                VMC800L Vertical Machining Center is mainly used in the processing of medium-sized parts and dies. After one clamp, the workpiece can be processed in milling, drilling, tapping, boring and stranding continuously. It can be used in a single machine or in several assembly lines. It has the characteristics of strong cutting, high speed positioning, mechatronics, automatic chip removal, safety protection and easy operation.

                Main technical parameters

                Parameter table
                Workbench dimensions mm 900*450
                T-groove of worktable mm 5-18-80
                Bearing capacity of worktable kg 450
                Maximum stroke of X-axis mm 800
                Maximum stroke of Y-axis mm 450
                Maximum stroke of Z-axis mm 550
                Distance from the center of the spindle to the guide rail of the pillar mm 520
                Distance from end of spindle to working table mm 100/650
                Spindle taper hole type BT40
                Spindle speed rpm 8000/10000/12000
                Spindle motor power mm 7.5
                Power of three-axis servo motor kw 2.6/3.9
                Three-axis connection mode Direct connection
                Specification of three-axis ball screw 3216
                Specification of Three-Axis Linear Guideway (X/Y/Z) 35/35/35
                Three-axis feed speed mm/min 20-15000
                Three-Axis Fast Moving Speed m/min 48
                Three-axis positioning accuracy mm 0.01
                Three-axis repetitive positioning accuracy mm 0.006
                Cooling water pump power W 450
                Machine tool weight kg ≈4500
                Machine tool shape size (length * width * height) mm ≈2600*2350*2400

                Main configuration

                Main configuration
                Sanling M80B System/Fanaco FANUC oi mate-MF
                Resin Sand Castings (Joint Venture)
                Spindle (Taiwan)
                Ball Screw and Precision Nut Class C3 (Taiwan)
                Knife Cylinder (Taiwan)
                Linear guideway (Taiwan)
                Screw bearing (imported NSK)
                Coupling (import)
                Guide rail shield (Taiwan)
                Electric Lubrication System (Domestic Brand)
                High Pressure Cooling Water Pump (Domestic Brand)
                Spindle Synchronization Belt (Taiwan)
                24-station disc tool bank (Taiwan)
                Main Electrical Components (Schneider, Germany)
                Major Pneumatic Components (Taiwan Yadeke)
                Looseknife Button (Taiwan)
                Electric Box Cooling System (Domestic Brand)

                Partial display

                Some Product Processing Cases

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