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                Search After-sale support 400-1810-880

                XG40W Flat Bed Rail Line CNC Lathe Machine (with tailstock)

                Main technical parameters

                Parameter table
                Swing over bed mm Φ360
                Maximum Rotary Diameter of Over Trailer mm Φ180
                Maximum Z-direction travel mm 400(Effective Machining Shafts300)
                Maximum X-direction travel mm 480
                Fast moving speed m/min X:15 Z:20
                Diameter of spindle through hole mm Φ48
                Spindle motor power kw 5.5(Optional 5.5 kW servo motor)
                Spindle speed rpm 200-3000(Optional spindle unit 5000 rpm)
                Section area of cutter rod mm 20*20
                Torque of X-and Z-direction motors nm X:6 Z:6
                Connection modes of X-and Z-direction motors Direct connection
                Specifications of X-and Z-direction screw rods X:3210 Z:4010
                Specification of X-and Z-direction track X:30 Z:35
                Repeated positioning accuracy mm 0.002
                Positioning Accuracy (Machine Tool Accuracy) mm 0.01
                Specification of spring chuck Φ46Chuck、M48Pull pipe
                Chuck specifications (optional) mm Φ200/Φ160(8 inches /6 inch)
                Specification of Hollow Hydraulic Rotary Cylinder (Selection) 536(bars less than 36)
                Maximum stroke of tailstock sleeve mm 150
                Taper of tailstock quill mt NO.4
                Cooling water pump power W 90
                Machine tool weight kg ≈2000
                Machine tool shape size (length * width * height) mm ≈2150*1650*1750

                Main configuration

                Main configuration
                Beijing Kandy Bus Absolute Servo System (or Taiwanese New Generation)
                Resin Sand Castings (Domestic)
                Spindle (homemade or Taiwan selected)
                Ball screw (domestic brand or Taiwan)
                Automatic Lubrication System (Domestic)
                Special Bearing for Screw Rod (Imported)
                Linear guideway (Taiwan)
                Pneumatic clamping (or hydraulic clamping and chuck clamping)
                Four-position electric tool holder + row tool holder
                Main Motor (Domestic Quadrupole Motor)
                Main electrical components (Schneider)
                High rigidity hard rail tailstock (manual/pneumatic/hydraulic optional)
                Can be selected according to user's needs

                Partial display

                STRENGTH DISPLAY

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