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                Search After-sale support 400-1810-880

                CJK6140-700 Hardened Rail CNC Lathe Machine

                Main technical parameters

                Parameter table
                Swing over bed mm Φ400
                Maximum Rotary Diameter of Over Trailer mm Φ230
                Maximum top spacing mm 700
                Maximum Z-axis stroke mm 675 (with tailstock)/700 (without tailstock)
                Maximum X-axis stroke mm 340
                Fast moving speed mm/min X:6 Z:8
                Diameter of spindle through hole mm Φ50
                Spindle motor power kw 5.5/7.5
                Spindle speed r/min 150-2500
                Section area of cutter rod mm 20*20
                Tailstock sleeve stroke mm 150
                Taper of inner hole of sleeve mt NO.4
                Chuck specification mm Φ200/Φ250
                Positioning accuracy mm X:0.01 Z:0.01
                Pulse equivalent mm X:0.0005 Z:0.001
                Cooling water pump power w 90
                Machine tool weight kg ≈2000
                Machine tool shape size (length * width * height) mm ≈2200*1150*1750

                STRENGTH DISPLAY

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