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                Search After-sale support 400-1810-880

                JD400W Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine(Heavy Cutting Line Rail)

                JD400W Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine(Heavy Cutting Line Rail) is a high-speed, high-precision, high-reliability NC lathe. Castings are cast iron with resin sand technology. After high temperature aging treatment, the permanent stability of the machine tool is guaranteed. The guide rail adopts a 35-degree inclination angle, which greatly improves the rigidity of the machine tool. The rail can be re-machined by using Taiwan roller linear guide rail. Equipped with 12-position servo turret and hydraulic tailstock, it can process products and shafts required by multi-position cutters at one time. Selection of power turret can integrate turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping and other functions of complex processing. It can not only ensure accuracy but also improve efficiency and reduce costs.
                This machine has beautiful shape and humanized design.

                Main technical parameters

                Parameter table
                Swing over bed mm Φ420
                Maximum Machining Diameter mm Φ380
                Maximum Z-direction travel mm 550
                Maximum Machining Shaft Length (chuck + tailstock) mm 450within
                Maximum X-direction travel mm 245(Radius value)
                Fast moving speed m/min X:24 Z:24
                Diameter of spindle through hole mm Φ62
                Φ200Nose end form of spindle unit A2-6
                Hollow hydraulic rotary cylinder 852(Bar within 52 of Ketong)
                Spindle motor power kw 7.5 Servo Motor (optional 9 or 11)
                Spindle speed rpm 5000
                Section area of cutter rod mm 25*25(Optional 20*20)
                Torque of X-and Z-direction motors nm 10NB 10N
                Connection modes of X-and Z-direction motors Direct connection
                Specifications of X-and Z-direction screw rods X:3210 Z:4010
                Specification of X-and Z-Direction Ball Line Track (Selected Rollers) X:35 Z:35
                Maximum stroke of tailstock sleeve mm 100
                Taper of tailstock quill mt NO.4(Optional matchingNO.5)
                Repeated positioning accuracy mm 0.002
                Positioning Accuracy (Machine Tool Accuracy) mm 0.01
                Chuck specification mm Φ200(8 inches) (10 inches)
                Cooling water pump power W 450High pressure centrifugal pump
                Machine tool weight kg ≈3000
                Machine tool shape size (length * width * height) mm ≈2300*1620*1780(No chip removal machine)

                Main configuration

                Main configuration
                Taiwan's new 21TA bus system (or Beijing KND system)
                Anchuan Drive and Motor (Screw Drive)
                Resin Sand Castings (Domestic)
                Taiwan spindle (sleeve type)
                Taiwan screw rod
                Automatic Lubrication System (Domestic)
                Special Bearing for Screw Rod (NTN or NSK)
                Linear guideway (Taiwan)
                8-inch hydraulic hollow three-jaw chuck (Taiwan)
                8-Position servo turret (Taiwan)
                Servo main motor
                Main electrical components (Schneider)
                Hydraulic tailstock
                Automatic chip remover
                Can be selected according to user's needs

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