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                Location: Home>Service Center > After-sales service commitment

                Wenguang always adheres to the service philosophy that ‘Customer is God’, strictly implements the TS16949 management system, and executes services on three different stages of pre-sale services, selling services and after-sales services. Resident ‘Three Guarantees’ service personnel are sent to all main equipped whole vehicle factories. The after-sales department executes an 8-hour replay system from receiving customers’ complaints if users discover quality problems in the first guarantee period. The service arriving time is 24 hours for users in the province, 48 hours for users in neighboring provinces, and 72 hours for uses in far provinces. The after-sales department inquires using conditions to users periodically for satisfying demands of continuously improving products. If products are damaged beyond the using period, our company provides users with an express mail mode within 24 hours once the conditions are proved since our company receives calls of the users, and our company actively provides bulk user visit and achieves 100% user satisfaction rate.

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