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                  Service center
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                Location: Home> Service Center > After-sales policy

                Three Guarantees Letter of Quality

                Basis: TS16949 quality assurance system and Three Quality Guarantees promise procedures of Jiangsu Wenguang Group
                1.Purpose: conduct quality assurance and service promise to products offered by our company in use process of products
                2.Applicable Range
                A. applicable to after-sale service promise of safe head window, head window and external plastic parts of autos offered to customers
                B. applicable to after-sale service promise and three quality guarantees to headlight, top light, rear light and signal light offered to customers

                3. Quality promise, time limit
                A) Products as qualified products manufactured and offered by our company, first three guarantees time limit: one year for lamp, one year for decoration of skylight
                B) after that, use life is not limited.

                4. Service Promise, Service Guarantee:
                A) Issues in quality appeared in first use period of users shall be borne by my company.
                B) Users may inform our company through relevant departments of passenger car manufacturer or contact the after-sale service department by dialing telephone number on label of product if there are issues in quality within initial use life. Our company will arrive at your place within 24 hours if you are resided within this province within initial use life, or within 60 hours outside the province. The service personnel will depart within 12 hours through verification after receiving telephone number of users so as to replace or repair the products for users directly, make minutes to meet the improvement demands of market to new products.
                C) If products are damaged within remaining use life, users may contact after-sale service department by dialing telephone number on passenger car or directly on label of product, you will acquire considerate service and enjoy cost price for replacement of new products, our company will send in EMS within 24 hours after verification.
                D) Users using our products are target to be served by our company, the users who have been served by our company will be registered by after-sale service department and offered with use inquiry status to be saved by file so as to reach the 100% satisfaction rate. The users will be feed back to the whole production enterprise after being served with after-sale service.

                Attachments: main principal and contact method of after-sale service area in company

                Northeast China, North China, Northwest China

                Wang Jianfang


                Middle China

                Wang Yunfang


                East China

                Miou Runqiang


                Southeast China, South China, Southwest China

                Zhang Jianwei
                Fan Guozhong


                After-sale Service Hotline: 0511-6418118/6416839, 6419096 (fax)
                Linkman: Zhang Jianwei
                Hours-Hotline: 13912810866
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