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                All friends:

                Welcome to recruitment page in Wenguang Group and search for recruitment information. In order to facilitate you to search latest position, requirement, process of recruitment in my company, please read the Notice carefully.

                1. Search for recruitment information

                A. please enter into http://www.jswenguang.com

                B. Click “HR” to search for recruitment information, position and requirement.

                2. Confirm position

                The applicant shall search for proper position in all recruitment information based on their strong suit and job target.

                3. Consultation

                A. Tel: please dial telephone (please dial specific line for HR) for consultation if there is any unclear

                B. nternet: the applicant may log on http://www.jswenguang.com to know organization, product, technology, development and cultural content of our enterprise to further understand the corresponding position.

                4. Submit your resume

                A. Fax, letter: please search for fax or address in my company so as to mail your cover letter, resume and certificates to linkman in charge of recruitment.

                B. Email: the applicant may send email to our company.

                5. Waiting for reply

                A. Internet

                ① The HR Personnel will regularly review data in email and select proper staffs in resume;

                ② If the applicant is proper, the resume will be downloaded and saved; then printed and registered, transferred to relevant departments for review;

                ③ If the applicant is not proper, under general situations, the company will reply within 7 working days; if there is no reply within 7 working days, the applicant is regarded not to be selected;

                B.Letters and fax

                ① There is specific staff in HR department to deal with letters and faxes from applicant and to initially select the resume of applicants;

                ② If the applicant is proper, his resume will be transferred to principal in corresponding department for review;

                ③ If the applicant is improper, in principle, the letters of the applicant will be damaged after one week to assure that the data of applicant will not be used by others; if the applicant asks for the recruitment, the staff will offer explanations and refuse the applicant politely.

                6. Interview Notice

                ① The company will inform the applicant for interview via telephone or email;

                ② Contents including: time, route, linkman, telephone, relevant data, certificate, etc.;

                ③ The applicant shall carefully write down the contents about interview, ask for unclear contents, especially the telephone number and linkman;

                ④ The company shall confirm effective interview time to applicant while informing them;

                7. Preparation for interview

                ① Prepare your resume, certificate of graduation, ID Card, etc.

                ② Understand address, route, linkman and telephone number in charge of interview for occasional accident;

                ③ Understand interview route, prepare your money and depart in advance.

                8. Interview procedures

                ① After arrival, follow up the front desk to designated place;

                ② The reception personnel arranges written examination and sum up scores after completion of written exam;

                ③ The reception personnel contact with interview principal to prepare the interview;

                ④ The working staffs inform the interview principal and lead the applicant to designated place; or the interview principal arrange personnel to lead the applicant for interview; the data shall be transferred to the interview principal;

                ⑤ After interview, please wait for result

                ⑥ If one passes the interview, the manager’s department shall directly inform the registering time; otherwise, it shall be refused politely;

                ⑦ The working staffs shall trace the result for arrangement.

                9. Register and sign contract

                ① The employed applicant shall go through registering formalities based on agreed date; and offer timely explanations if there are special situations;

                ② Please prepare original certificates and confirmation; ID Card original; register certificate (current year’s graduates); four one-inch colorful photos;

                ③ After completion of register formality, under direction of working staffs in manager’s department to employment department for register, probation and working formally

                10. Position and demand: please consult to Social Recruitment or School Recruitment and relevant pages

                11. Contact Method

                Department: Manager Department

                Linkman: Miss Rong

                Tel: 0511-86410186

                Fax: 0511-86410777


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