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                Established in 2005, Jiangsu Wenguang Vehicle Accessary Co.,Ltd. is holding company of Jiangsu Wenguang Group. Registered capital of enterprise is RMB 10000000. It covers 39000 square meters floor area and has more than 300 staffs, 30 different managers and 40 technology researchers, including 6 senior engineers. As TS16949 Quality System...

                WG4 Air duct ro...
                WG3 Air duct ro...
                WG2 Air duct ro...
                WG1 Air duct ro...
                WG430 出@ 風口帶燈
                WG430 Outlet wi...
                WG370 出風飛到了身旁口帶燈
                WG370 Outlet wi...
                WG386 出風口
                WG386 Outlet
                WG770X-4 通風窗
                WG770X-4 Vent-w...
                WG770X-3 通風窗
                WG770X-3 Vent-w...
                WG770X-3A 通風窗
                WG770X-3A Vent-...
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