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                    Jiangsu Wenguang, innovation unlimited. The Company was established in 1996, a non-governmental science & technology enterprise, specialized in the production of vehicle lamps, top windows, safety exit, decorative parts, punching parts and mould. The Group covers an area of 100,000.00 m2, 600 staff, and sells most in the trade for the past successive three years. The Group holds Jiangsu Wenguang Vehicle Accessories Co. Ltd., Danyang Guanghua Vehicle Inner Adornments Factory, Jiangsu Wenguang Mould Technology Co., Ltd., Danyang Xinguang Vehicle Fittings Co., Ltd. as its branches.
                    The Company is prior to the trade in managerial system, production scale, production process, sales achievement, research capabilty, technical level, service network, etc. The Company promotes the quality standard and makes the brand value in all orientation as scientific research, techniques, production and inspection.
                    In the sustainable development of ten years, the Company has been promoting the development in the trade of vehicle fittings. Based on the principle of making the maximum value for the customer, the Company is marching toward the further and higher goal, to perfect an example in the trade of today¨s vehicle fittings.

                Make the quality example in the trade

                Perfect Wenguang brand for a long term

                For any question, please contact: info@jswenguang.com Domain name of the website: www.jswenguang.com
                AddNo. 2, Yongxing Road, Douzhuang Town, Danyang City  Tel+86-511-86418118、+86-511-86416466  Fax+86-511-86419096
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